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         Capelin is found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is eaten mainly dried (in Japan) although palatable products can be made from oily, pre-spawning capelin. Capelins have been consumed mainly by inhabitants of Polar Regions, but are seldom consumed further south. Female fish, separated from males by high-speed machines, are valued for their roe. Males are used for animal feed and fishmeal. Over 1 million tons of capelin are caught annually. It is important nourishment for cod and other fish. Therefore a decline in capelin stocks may reduce resources of more valuable fish in northern seas.
Nutritional data of edible weight: Water 65.6%, protein 13.6%, fat 17.5%, other 3.3%.
       Capelin: block frozen / female with roe or male
       Capelin roe: block frozen
       Capelin meal: standard / NSM and L.T. quality
       Capelin oil: all grades