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         Since 1983, when cod provided 30% of the worlds ground fish, its volume has declined considerably. Products made from cod, like salt fish, are now becoming a luxury in Europe. The size of the fish, now caught, has changed very much from the past. The largest ever recorded (in Massachusetts in 1895) weighed 96 kilos and measured almost 2 m. Now, fish of 5 kg are considered large. Cod has a mild flavor. It's meat is white and moist and suitable for almost any cooking method. It is usually available smoked, salted or dried. Also fresh or frozen, filleted, as loins or portions and in numerous packs and styles.
Nutritional data of edible weight: Water 80.8%, protein 18.3%, fat 0.7%, other 0.2%
        Cod fillets: IQF or block / skin-on or skinless
        Cod portions: IQF / fixed weight
          Salt fish: dry or wet salted / fillets or splits
          Liver Oils: medicinal / liquid and capsules / veterinary quality