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          Saithe (pollock) is found on both sides of the Atlantic. In icelandic waters, it is mainly catched south of the island. Saithe is very similar to cod and haddock though it's meat is considered inferior. That might be because of it's meat being darker and with more fat. The quality of the meat is very good though and is somtimes used as a subtitute both for Cod and Haddock. Saithe usually grows to about 70 cm., but may reach around 130 cm. Typical size of catched Saithe is around 30 - 70 cm., weighing 5 - 10 kg. Overall catches in the North Atlantic average close to 500.000 tons. Norway and Iceland are the largest producers.
Nutritional data of edible weight: Water 80.2%, protein 18.3%, fat 1.0%, other 0.5%.
       Saithe fillets: IQF or block / skin-on or skinless