Shrimp (Prawns)
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          The northern shrimp are  found in most northern waters. Most other shrimp are found off the southern and western coast of Scandinavia, the Gulf of Maine, western Greenland and in the north east pacific. Northern shrimp live in clay and mud bottom regions at depths between 20 and 1380 meters (65 to 4,500 feet).In the past, shrimp was thought to be high in cholesterol. Recent research has proved that in fact shrimp has only moderate amounts of cholesterol or about 1/3 of what is found in one egg.

Nutritional data of edible weight: protein about 20%, fat about 0.4 -1.2%, carbohydrate about 0 - 2.7%

        Coldwater shrimp (prawns): IQF cooked & peeled / IQF cooked shell-on / raw, block (Japan)