Ivar Palsson - Director, Saevorur Ltd.

  • Born 1958 in Reykjavik.
  • 1978 Graduated from M.R. (Reykjavik College)
  • 1978-1981 Studied Law and Business Administration at the University of Iceland.
  • 1984 Graduated from Boston University, majored in marketing.
  • 1984-1986 Marketing manager of exports for Seifur Ltd., seafood export.
  • 1986-1988 Co-founder and Managing Director of Hafex Ltd., seafood export.
  • 1988- Owner and Managing Director of Saevorur Ltd., seafood export.
  • 1998- 2000 Chairman and partner at Allied Exporters

Personal History

  • In the summer vacations from school, Ivar worked in: a box factory, road construction, building construction, hangar roofing, airline ground services, deep-sea fishing on a trawler, foresting (not in Iceland!), selling radiators and selling Volvo cars.
  • Ivar has visited over 40 countries in the pursuit of trade, exchange and culture.
  • Languages spoken are Icelandic, English, Skandinavian (Danish/ Norvegian), with some understanding of German, French and Latin.
  • Ivar has primarily been involved in the export of cooked and peeled shrimp (prawns), along with other types of seafood. He also concentrated on the structure of quality-control systems in peeled shrimp (prawns), e.g. by becoming a certified HACCP instructor.
  • Ventures participated in include a sushi plant, a shrimp plant, a crab plant, a mussels plant, factory real estate and some shipbuilding.
  • Ivar was a secondary board member of the Trade Council of Iceland in 1998-2002.
  • Interests are too many to write here!
  • The parents are Mr. Pall S.Palsson (d. 1983) Advocate to the Supreme Court and Gudrun Stephensen, teacher and housewife in Reykjavik. The sisters and brothers are eight in all, Ivar is the youngest.
  • Ivar is married to Gerdur Thoroddsen (lawyer) and they live in Reykjavik with their 3 children. Ivar also has one son from Akureyri, N-Iceland, who studies in Sweden.